Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse

It seems like only a few weeks ago that the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius rocked the world with its powerful energy full of endings and destiny for life on our little planet. But where did it all end up going for you? Many may have been forced to let go of a dream or a desire that had long been held in their heart. Others saw the lunar eclipse as a release for the baggage they had long since tried to let go of. But now when faced with a Solar Eclipse some would say this is a fresh start for the world; A New dawn. But here the stars will speak louder than human hope for the new beginning that we would all aspire to create. For this solar eclipse is happening right in the middle of a Mercury retrograde and in none other than the sign of the trickster, indecisive Gemini. Ok maybe too harsh, how about the one open to all possibilities? The ruling planet in its sign, Mercury, is right next to the Solar eclipse AND in retrograde, so this is exactly what it sounds like: a hot mess if you are not careful. This time instead of laying plans and rituals during the new moon it's time to sit and receive the messages from the universe. Mercury will be laud and may even invade your dreams. Many will not understand at first and may even ignore the signs. At this very moment, I would advise that you DON’T ignore a thing. All that is coming through could be meant for you or the greater good of humanity. Each of us is a receiver to the wisdom from above through Mercury and the destiny of our world with the North Node. These times could be a great changer of destiny but only if you allow the message in.


You are being called to change your mindset about the world you live in. don”t be afraid of the new information, ideas, and technology you could be faced with in the coming days. Your way of thinking and the old ways of being are being released so you can be a more powerful messenger to us all. You will be speaking and acting on the destiny of our people.


Making money is easy with the messenger of the Gods on your side. But the greater wealth is using this power to support the stability of the world. You have been chosen to use your wealth. Be open to creative ways you could both earn and spend money. Don’t try too hard or act on these ideas now, just be open to the message and as you always do learn more about how this can be executed.


Your whole self is in this transformational time. You see every puzzle piece and understand how to fit them together to gain the most out of this time. You of all the signs should pay the most attention to the messages that are coming from the universe. For your life, it could mean a new way of being in the world you had not yet known. For the world, Gemini is the sign of truth at all costs but whose truth is really true? Well, that is what Gemini’s are here to do, defy convention and question everything.


My little crabs are restless with this energy. You often worry and in this time the messages may be ominous and concerning. As the parents of the zodiac, you must share these feelings and embrace that you often have great advice when people are in a jam but can be so much more helpful when you see the many possibilities that are coming. You're connected spiritually and emotionally as eclipses affect the moon, your ruling planet. Be open and unafraid to receive whatever message, especially in your dreams, that may come and utilize the practice of meditation and prayer to connect for more clarity.


A Leo standing still when destiny calls sounds like an oxymoron! But that is exactly what you will do. Well at least until Mercury retrograde ends. You may be bombarded with offers and invitations that could prove to be fruitful but this eclipse energy is asking you to sit still with the ideas and plans that come from your chance meetings. Not every grand plan or new friend has your best interest at heart. Listen carefully. Take in the new friendships and emotions with a grain of salt. Let the messages you receive for your big plans and from friends sit for a while, maybe even think of how it could be. But don’t give your impulsive fiery nature the power this time. Think long before you act and great things will be manifest when the right time comes.


Your place in the world is to be a champion for it. Giving of yourself comes quite naturally but something seems blocked. It's almost like you are out of ideas and just want to finally sit still. many of you may have used all the energy of Jupiter and Saturn earlier this year to create the perfect work-life balance you have always desired. Stand still and luxuriate in that. As you are there all the grand plans and schemes may seem far away but at least write them down or take this time to do some research. In some ways, you may feel incomplete but you are exactly where you are supposed to be to receive the message of your next place of service. Stop and smell the roses so the grand idea can finally come to you!


Your whole heart is probably still broken by the things that are happing to you this year. But fear not, these things, the people that hurt you or the dreams that may never be are molding a new ideology about what you need to learn and shift inside of you! All the message is the same: your mindset shift is your freedom. But you must make time to sit with your new ideas and dreams for your life. Learning to let go was the energy of the last eclipse, now you can sit with the messages that are right at the tip of your evolution and receive. Where do you want to live, what do you want to learn and how do you want to change. Give yourself the time and use this eclipse energy to question everything and guide you forward.


Ever the investigator, this eclipse is sounding the alarm bells in your mind. You have been given a window into the hearts of men and these astrological moments activate it strongly. Don’t dismiss your hunches and be ready to receive information that could enlighten your decisions in the future. No detail is too small and questioning the truth will be the greatest guide. A way of healing yourself and others could come into your mind but don’t act on it just yet. Let the time for healing come naturally as you always do. Watch out for people who want you to make a decision too quickly and try your best to let the Mercury Retrograde time pass before you commit to any big ventures that could arise due to this eclipse.


There is the idea of love and then there is the real thing. Somewhere between those two thoughts, your dreamy mind gets lost. The philosopher in you knows that there is a way you want to give and receive love but the gypsy side of you feels the need to wander the earth in search of that great expression. But your true love could be revealed during this eclipse. Reveling that hiding behind your list of needs is futile compared to the real thing. Maybe in thought or in real life but this eclipse is a powerful pull to clarify and receive a message about what you would truly need to move things along. If you already coupled the truth about your relationship could be painful to learn but it's an opportunity to grow as people and come closer together and even explore mutual goals. Don’t be afraid of the message and embrace your soul's evolution. Through your example, all of us can learn and hope for deep love.


No one can compare to you when getting things DONE! But something inside you is slowing you down. Pay attention to the messages your body is sending you. Give it the break it needs. In fact, this might be a great time to go to the spa and just relax for once in your life. But I know that does not sound like your responsible normal self. But this eclipse is asking you to give your body the time and healing it needs to execute the plans that will surely be coming your way! Find time to boost your health and to be with your pets. Most of all there could be some heaviness around the job you do day-to-day. Whether you lost your job or feel disconnected from what you usually do, let the universe's message reach you about what your next move should be. Look into what you feel interested in and seek advice- I know it's hard- from those who seem like they have found their dream job or feel like they are in a good place.


Making space for your creativity could prove to be a challenge usually, as you like to appear more serious than you are. But this eclipse is activating your soul and mind in ways that require you to let loose. Let go of your ideals and limitations and embrace new ways to connect with your fun side. Go with the flow and don’t be so stuck in perfection and structure. Your message from the universe could come to uproot what you consider “fun” and what projects you consider “worthy”. Often the creative and the romantic seem so far away for you. Well, this is the time to change all that and open your mind to the new ways the universe would like to bless you romantically and in life.


How do you create a home for the nomad prince? The formless spirit who needs all things and nothing at all. Well, you throw in a solar eclipse that will wake up the need for you to find or define what “home” means to you. Being a Pisces often comes with the need to detach because of how deeply you feel, but the universe is finally sending you someone or somewhere you will call home. Embrace the message and be ready to act on it once mercury is out of retrograde. Give yourself this time to open your mind and plan a new way of being in this world and help teach humanity that home is where the heart is.

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